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Gigantis the Fire Monster

Gigantis the Fire Monster (also known as Godzilla Raids Again) was a Toho film produced in 1955.

Original Title: Gojira No Gyakushu
Translation: Godzilla's Counterattack
Director: Motoyoshi Oda
Special Effects: Eiji Tsuaraya

A direct sequel to the original Godzilla movie,(as are Godzilla 1985, and to an extent the new Millennium series movies) a monster identical to the Godzilla killed by the Oxegen Destroyer appears, as does a new monster Anguirus. As the first film reflects World War II anxieties this one could be interpreted as an allegory for the Cold War rivalry of the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. Plans for a drasticly Americanized bastardization were all but realized under the title of Attack of the Volcano Monsters.

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