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Gestures are forms of non-verbal communication, which can be used instead of verbal communication or combined with it. Many gestures have offensive import.

;Eye-rolling: occurs when a person move his/her pupils to the top their eye to indicate (according to Garfield's Insults, Put-Downs, and Slams) that some "lower life-form is wasting your valuable time." ;Fig sign: is the gesture of making a fist in such a way that ones thumb pokes out between the middle and indexfingers. It signifies "screw you". ;Flipping the bird: is done by lifting the middle and index finger with the back of the hand directed at the target of the sign. It is originally a sign of defiance the saxon archers used at the normans, but nowadays many think it means "screw you". ;Knocking on wood: signifies a neutralizing of a jinxing brought on by either mentioning a hoped for or feared result. In Finland this is only valid if done on bare wood.

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