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George Tenet

George John Tenet (b. January 5, 1953) is the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Tenet served as the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence from June 1995 until he became Director on July 11, 1997 after a unanimous confirmation vote in the United States Senate. While the Director of Central Intelligence is typically replaced when a new administration comes to power, Tenet has served through the end of the Clinton administration and well into the term of George W. Bush.

Long before the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States, Tenet has focused on the growing threat of terrorism, particularly from Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda terrorist group, and the nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran. September 15, 2001, at Camp David, he presents the Worldwide Attack Matrix, an outline of an anti-terror campaign in 80 countries.

During the 1998 Wye River Middle East peace talks, Tenet threatened to resign if President Clinton pardoned convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. Some speculate that his independence as DCI is what kept him in the position when the Republican Bush administration came to power.

Tenet, the son of working-class Greek immigrants, was raised in Queens, attended public schools, and worked in his family's deli. Tenet holds a Bachelor's degree from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and an Master's degree from the School of International Affairs at Columbia University.

He is married to A. Stephanie Glakas-Tenet. They have one son, John Michael.