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George II of Greece

George II, King of the Hellenes (7 July (O.S.) = 20 July 1890 (N.S.) - 1 April 1947), ruled Greece from 1922-1923 and 1935-1947.

He was born at Tatoi, near Athens, the son of Constantine I, King of the Hellenes and his wife, formerly Princess Sophie of Prussia (1870-1889).

He married, on 27 February 1921 at Bucharest, Princess Elisabeth of Roumania (1894-1956). They had no children, and were divorced on 6 July 1935.

He succeeded to the Greek throne on his father's abdication, 27 September 1922, but left Greece 24 March 1924. He was restored to the throne, 3 November 1935, but again left Greece following the German invasion, 23 April 1941. He was recalled to the throne 28 September 1946.

He died at the Royal Palace in Athens.

Preceded by:
Constantine I
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