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George Graham

George Graham (born November 30, 1944) Scottish football player and manager.

Table of contents
1 Background
2 Player career
3 Managerial career


Born in Bargeddie, Fife, Scotland.

Player career

George Graham played for Aston Villa F.C, Chelsea F.C, Arsenal F.C, Manchester United F.C, Portsmouth F.C and Crystal Palace F.C. He also won twelve Scottish caps.

Honours as player

With Arsenal:

League Cup runners up 1968 League Cup runners up 1969 Fairs Cup winners 1970 (UEFA Cup) League Championship 1971 FA Cup Winners 1971 FA Cup runners 1972

With Other Clubs:

League Cup runners up1963 (Aston Villa F.C) League Cup winners 1965 (Chelsea F.C) FA CUP runners up 1965 (Chelsea F.C) Scotland Caps: 12

Managerial career

He was appointed coach at Crystal Palace F.C and Queens Park Rangers F.C. Appointed manager to Millwall F.C in 1983 and Arsenal F.C in 1986.

Honours as manager

Promotion from Division 3 1985 (with Millwall F.C) Littlewoods (League) Cup winners 1987 Littlewoods (League) Cup runners up 1988 League Championship 1989 League Championship 1991 FA Cup winners 1993 Coca-Cola (League) Cup winners 1993 European Cup-Winners Cup winners 1994

Graham was sacked as manager of Arsenal F.C on February 21st 1995.