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Geography of Stockholm

View over Stockholm (): At the left the Royal Palace,
in the middle Helgeandsholmen, with the Parliament building,
above left Riddarholmen with Riddarholmskyrkan and
above right Kungsholmen with the City Hall.

The Geography of Stockholm in Sweden. The City of Stockholm is situated on fourteen islands and on the banks to the archipelago where lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea. The city center is virtually situated on the water.

Table of contents
1 List of islands
2 Places
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List of islands

  1. Beckholmen
  2. Djurgården
  3. Helgeandsholmen - Location of Riksdag Building.
  4. Kastellholmen
  5. Kungsholmen
  6. Lilla Essingen (Smaller Essingen)
  7. Långholmen
  8. Reimersholme
  9. Riddarholmen
  10. Skeppsholmen
  11. Stadsholmen - Virtually synonymous with Gamla stan.
  12. Stora Essingen (Larger Essingen)
  13. Strömsborg
  14. Södermalm



Coordinates: 59°21'N, 18°4'E.

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