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A Gentile refers to a non-Jew; the word is derived from the Latin term gens (meaning "clan" or a "group of families") and is often employed in the plural. Christian translators of the Bible use this word to collectively designate the peoples and nations distinct from the Jewish people. Jewish people use this term to refer to non-Jews, but this word does not appear in English translations of the Hebrew Bible. Jews also use the word "goy" to mean the same thing, but it is sometimes considered derogatory.

The term is sometimes used as a synonym to heathen and pagan. Also, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints use this term for those who are not members of their church.

In Basque mythology, jentilak are giants who lived before Christianization and built dolmens and menhirs. (Jentilarriak, i.e., "Gentile stones"). Olentzero is the only one still alive.