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In Norse mythology, Gefyon ("giver") was a seeress and goddess, a member of both the Vanir and the Aesir. All women who die virgin are sent to her hall, and thus she is characterised as a goddess of virtue, yet conversely she was also a fertility goddess.

Moreover, "Gefn" is one of the alternate names of Freya, the Norse goddess of procreation. It is entirely conceivable that Gefyon is merely an aspect of Freya in the same way that Morrigan in Irish mythology has a multiplicity of aspects.

She was associated with the plow, virgins and good luck. Girls who died as virgins became her servants in the afterlife.

Her husband was King Scjold, son of Odin. The Swedish kings claimed to be her ancestors.

She created Zealand by taking soil out of Sweden with the help of her four sons, thereby creating the Swedish lake Všnern - which in its outline resembles Zealand.

Alternate spellings: Gefjon, Gefn