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Gary North

Gary North is one of the major writers and publishers of the Christian Reconstructionist movement. (He is the son-in-law of R. J. Rushdoony, one of the movement's founders).

Christian Reconstructionists are postmillennialists, meaning they believe that Christ will return to earth only after conservative Christianity has become the religion of the majority of the planet with God's moral law as the civil standard for society. They believe that Old Testament moral and civil laws, such as those against adultery and sodomy and murder, should be presumed binding unless the New Testament says otherwise; this belief they call theonomy. Theologically, Gary North is a Calvinist. He is President of the Institute for Christian Economics, which now publishes Christian Reconstructionist books online. Christian Reconstructionists are also presuppositionalists in their approach to christian apologetics as taught by the calvinist philosopher, Cornelius Van Til and oppose any natural law theory as a basis for civil law order.

Gary North argues for the abolition of the fractional reserve banking system, and a return to the gold standard.

Gary North had predicted that Y2K would be a global catastrophe; he was proven wrong. [1] He had publicly apologised for his mistaken view of Y2K in a Jan 2000 ICE newsletter.