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Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is an information and technology research and advisory firm with over 10,000 clients. Gartner’s businesses consist of Research, Consulting, Measurement, Events and News. Gartner was founded in 1979 by Gideon Gartner, who left the firm in 1992 to start up Giga. Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, Gartner has over 3,800 associates, including approximately 1,000 research analysts and consultants, in more than 75 locations worldwide. Fiscal 2002 revenue totaled $888 million.

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Gartner has a comprehensive body of global research that reports on and analyzes the technologies that drive business and organizational success. The more than 200 research topics include customer relationship management (CRM), business-to-business e-commerce, supply chain management, wireless, emerging technologies, security, IT services, e-business, and IT spending and strategies.


Gartner consultants provide hands-on client support to thousands of clients in areas ranging from e-business strategy to measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of global manufacturing operations. Their role is not as implementors of technology solutions, but as independent advisors on technology assessment and procurement, project development, measurement, and technology management such as total cost of ownership, CRM, and IT spending recommendations.


Gartner hosts a large database of industry benchmarks. Gartner clients populate the database anonymously in order to benefit from benchmarking capabilities such as measuring a business' performance against vertical peer companies and measuring against any or all companies in the database. They also provide a suite of software products called Decision Tools which measure total cost of ownership, total impact of innovation and return on investment.


Gartner has a range of peer networking programs designed to bring together business executives and IT professionals. See Events below.


Gartner provides insightful commentary on news and events in the technology world.







Over a period of many years Gartner acquired over 30 other companies to broaden their suite of product solutions:

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