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A gale is a wind of at least 28 knots, 32 MPH, or 51km/h; and up to 55 knots, 63 MPH, or 102km/h.

It is divided into three or four categories:

  1. A moderate gale or near gale is up to 33 kt., 38 MPH, or 61km/h, and a small craft advisory is issued.
  2. A fresh gale or just gale is 34~40 kt., 39~46 MPH, or 62~74km/h, and a gale warning is issued.
  3. A strong gale is 41~47 kt., 47~54 MPH, or 75~88km/h, and a gale warning is issued or maintained.
  4. A whole gale or storm is 48 kt., 55 MPH, or 89km/h or greater, and a storm warning is issued.

The last category is often not considered a gale, but the lower half of a storm. If any of the latter three categories are in association with a tropical storm or hurricane, a tropical storm warning (or local equivalent) is issued instead.

See also the Beaufort scale.

Gale is also sometimes a given name for females, an alternate spelling of Gail.

There is also a town named Gale, Illinois.

Gale is a secure chat system; refer to the Gale website or Gale wiki.