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Galaxy science fiction

Galaxy Science Fiction magazine was the creation of noted pulp magazine editor Horace Leonard Gold. Galaxy's premiere issue introduced a book column by celebrated anthologist Groff Conklin, which contined till 1955, and a science column by Willy Ley that continued until his death in 1969. Galaxy published outstanding science fiction for decades under a succession of editors:

Begun as a monthly, the magazine varied between monthly and bimonthly status at different times during its 30+ year run. In 1953 a French edition, Galaxie, was launched, and in 1957, a German edition, Galaxis. After Groff Conklin stepped down as book reviewer, his column was continued by Floyd C. Gale. (Indications that Conklin himself continued the column after 1955 appear to be in error.) In February 1965 Pohl brought Algis Budrys on as book reviewer; he was succeeded later, sometime before 1972, by Theodore Sturgeon, who passed the job to Spider Robinson in 1975. With the January 1975 issue, Galaxy incorporated its sister magazine, Worlds of If, founded in March of 1952, with which it had shared several editors. Galaxy ceased publication in pulp format in 1980. In the early 1990s the magazine was purchased by E. J. Gold, son of the founder, who published eight bimonthly issues in 8x11 format (but on pulp stock) between Jan/Feb 1994 and Mar/Apr 1995. Plans to continue Galaxy on line did not develop, though the former editor maintains a scattering of Galaxy-related web pages.

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