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Fusion (comics)

Fusion is a comic book published by Eclipse comics, whose team included the writer Steven Barnes, the artists Lela Dowling and Steve Gallacci, story editor Lex Nakashima and many more.

The world of Fusion is centuries in our future, when a series of galactic wars have led to a spiraling arms race between "tekkers and splicers". That is to say those who take a technological and technocratic route to improving humanity, and those who have abandoned humanity altoghether through genetical engineering. The story involves the exploits of a group of space mercenaries in an era when humans who have not been enhanced either genetically or cybernetically, are becoming extremely rare.

Regular characters

The only recurring characters are the crew of the mercenary spaceship Tsunami.

;Indio Tremaine:Captain. Human. Born into the clan of the three suns, she is the only survivor of her clan. ;Dow Cook:Synthetic human with juiced up self-healing ability. Very insecure about himself. ;Tan:A musteliform bred from Terran otter stock. Canadian, an alumni of Labatts Tech. An alcoholic mechanical and electronics wizard with a severe gambling problem. Never goes anywhere without his leather pilot cap and goggles. ;Beolvoch:A meehook. Something like a dinosaur with fur. Has a voracious appetite for raw meat. Must eat regularly and copiously to keep his metabolism up. Consequently sends much time in a suspended animation state or complaining that he is hungry. Appears to be a genuine alien species rather than uplifted and genetically engineered earthform. ;Alshain:A felinoid; a temperamental and somewhat edgy pilot. ;Carz:A leoniform veteran with only one working eye. He is generally a steadying influence, but when he loses it, beware! ;Herrick:A hawklike creature, of military caste. Dies very early in the series in one of many moves which went against formula in the series. Appears in "how we got here" sequences. ;Haven:An birdlike creature with well developed nesting instincts. She is a doctor by training. ;Eddie:Modelled after some creature with very long ears and a prehensile tail. Likes to hang upside down. A cool dude in shades and khakis or hawaaian shirts. Nothing rattles Eddie. Was a class-mate of Tan at Labatts tech. (Australian?)

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