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Full English breakfast

A full English breakfast also Scottish, Welsh and Irish breakfast, or traditional fry-up is the traditional breakfast dish of Britain and Ireland. At its heart it consists of fried bacon and fried eggs but to earn the title of a "full English", a number of other ingredients would be expected. In British hotels and bed and breakfast establishments the term "full English breakfast" is used to differentiate between the larger multiple course breakfast that may include a cereal or a smoked kipper from the simpler "continental breakfast" of coffee (or tea) and croissants.

The bacon is traditionally fried. Poached or scrambled eggs and perhaps grilled bacon may be offered as alternatives. Some of the additional ingredients that might be offered as part of a "full English breakfast" include: pork sausages; black pudding; fried or grilled tomatoes; mushrooms; fried bread or possibly sauté potatoes; baked beans; kidneys; and bread and butter on the side. In Scotland you might be served "square sausage" and in Ireland you might get white pudding and soda bread.

A full English breakfast served at a hotel might offer additional courses consisting of a choice of cereal, porridge, kippers; toast and jam; kedgeree or devilled kidneys. You would also expect to be served with coffee or tea and fruit juices.

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