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Fuling (涪陵) is a district of Chongqing Municipality of the People's Republic of China. The place name means "Fu (River) Cemetery" because the some rulers of the State of Ba were originally buried.

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In the middle and late part of Spring and Autumn Period, it was in the southern territory of the State of Ba. In the middle Warring States Period, it was part of the State of Chu. It was Zhi District (枳县) in 277 by the State of Qin. In 347 (during the Eastern Jin Dynasty), it became Fu Prefecture (涪郡), also known as Zicheng Prefecture (梓城郡). It became Fuling District (县) in the Sui Dynasty. It was Fu Prefecture (州) in 618 (during the Tang Dynasty. From the Yuan to the Qing Dynasty, Fu Department was part of Chongqing Prefecture (府).

In the early years of the Republic of China, Fuling County was part of Dongchuan Circuit (东川) until 1928 it became part of Sichuan Province.

In January 1950, Fuling Zhuanqu of Chuandong include the seven countites of:

In September 1952, Youyang Zhuanqu was abolished, and its counties of Qianjang, Youyang (酉阳), and Xiushan (秀山) were incorporated into Fuling Zhuanqu. The following year, Dianjiang (垫江) County was also assigned to Fuling. Fuling's Changshou became under Chongqing City in 1958. The zhuanqu was made a prefecture in 1968.

Fuling County was upgraded to a county-level city in 1983. The prefecture became a Three Gorges provincial planning region (三峡省筹备区域) the following year. In 1988, the counties of Qianjiang, Youyang, Shizhu, Xiushan, and Pengshui were separated into new prefecture of their own (Qianjiang Prefecture).

On November 5, 1995, Fuling Prefecture and the original county-level city were abolished. In the replace of the prefecture was the prefectural Fuling City, administer the 3 counties of Dianjiang, Wulong (武隆), and Fengdu, and Nanchuan City. It also includes the newly established districts of Zhicheng and Lidu (枳城、李渡).

The city was administered by Chongqing since September 1996 on behalf of the province, and became part of Chongqing Municipality the following year. In June 1998, Fuling city and its two districts were abolished. The districts became Fuling District. The rest subdivisions of the Fuling City persisted, but were directly governed by Chongqing.


There are 5 sub-districts, 18 towns, and 14 townships. They in turn contain 719 administrative villages and 80 neighborhood committees (see Political divisions of China#Levels).

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