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Fugazi (album)

Fugazi is the second studio album of the progressive rock band Marillion. It was released in 1984 and was the first album with Ian Mosley on drums. A 2-CD remastered version with additional B-sides and demos was released in 1998.

According to Fish, the band's vocalist at the time, the title refers to a slang term from the Vietnam War; see the main Fugazi page.

Apparently the circumstances under which the album were produced were quite terrible. The band has also stated that it was not content with the result, most notably, the production quality. The remaster is somewhat improved in this respect.

Track List

  1. Assassing 7:02
  2. Punch & Judy 3:21
  3. Jigsaw 6:49
  4. Emerald Lies 5:08
  5. She Chameleon 6:52
  6. Incubus 8:30
  7. Fugazi 8:12

The 1998 remaster has the following additional tracks on the second CD:

  1. Cinderella Search (12" version) 5:31
  2. Assassing (Alternate Mix) 7:40
  3. Three Boats Down From The Candy 4:00
  4. Punch & Judy (Demo) 3:50
  5. She Chameleon (Demo) 6:34
  6. Emerald Lies (Demo) 5:32
  7. Incubus (Demo) 8:09

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