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Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency, sometimes also referred to as fuel economy, is a numeric measure often used to describe the amount of fuel consumed with regard to the distance travelled in a transportation vehicle, such as an automobile.

The measure is usually expressed in two ways:

  1. As the amount of fuel used per unit distance; for example, litres per 100 kilometres (l/100 km). In this case, the lower the value the more efficient a vehicle is;
  2. As the distance travelled per unit volume of fuel used; for example, kilometres per litre (km/l) or miles per gallon (mpg). In this case, the higher the value the more efficient a vehicle is.

Here are some common conversion factors:

To convert x l/100 km to y mpg, perform:

To convert a mpg to b l/100 km, perform: To convert m km/l to n mpg, perform: To convert c mpg to d km/l, perform: