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Frits Bolkestein

Frederik Bolkestein (born 1933; usually known as Frits Bolkestein) is a Dutch politician and EU Commissioner.

In the European Commission, Bolkestein is responsible for Internal Market, Taxation and Customs Union issues. It seems, for most of his life, he worked for Shell and the kind of people who he listens to seems to be still very big-player-oriented.

He is driving the Software Patent Directive and the IP Enforcement Directive, but the IP Enforcement Directive is actually driven by it's rapporteur Janelly Fortou, she is married to the Boss of Vivendi, the world's largest Music company so it is seen to be in her interest to push the enforcement of copyright violation forward.

Bolkestein wrote a play in English, under the pseudonym of Niels Kobet: Floris, Count of Holland

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