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In Norse mythology, Frigg or Frigga was the mother goddess and the wife of Odin. Considered queen of the heavens, the goddess of motherhood, fertility, love and housework. Indeed strong parallels exist between Frigg and Freya of whom she may be a different form.

Frigg was reputed to have the ability to foresee everyone's destiny without revealing it. The mother of Baldur, she endeavoured to protect him from his preordained death by swearing oaths from everything in nature, but forgot the mistletoe.

Frigg's hall in Asgard is Fensalir. With her husband, she was the mother of Bragi and Hermod. Eir, a goddess of healing, was one of her constant companions. She may have had an affair with Vei and Vili, Odin's brothers. She had attendants named Glm and Syn.

She participated in the Asgardreid along with her husband.

She had three attendants, Hlin, Gna and Fulla, all of whom may have been the same deity in a different aspect as Frigg.