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Friesian (alternate spelling: Frisian) can refer to:

  1. An inhabitant of Frisia (consisting of the province of Friesland in the Netherlands, and portions of the states of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein in Germany) - see Frisians
  2. The language spoken in Frisia - see Frisian language
  3. A breed of horse from Frisia, large and always black in colour.They range between 15 and 17 hh. Although originally bred as a draft horse, it can be ridden, and during the Middle Ages, Friesian horses were in great demand throughout Europe since their size enabled them to carry a knight in full armour. They are still used today as dressage horses.
  4. A common breed of cow (also known as the Holstein Friesian), recognised by their black and white mottled hides. They are large and heavy, and are primarily used as dairy cattle, although they are also farmed for beef. They are the most common breed of cow in the developed world, and make up approximately one third of all dairy cows.
  5. The philosophy, which can be known as Friesian philosophy or Neo-Friesian philosophy, that gets its name from the Kant-influenced German philosopher Jakob Fries.[1]

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