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Freeman Gosden

Freeman Fisher "Gozzie" Gosden (May 5, 1899 - December 10, 1982) was a USA radio comedian, and pioneer in the development of the situation comedy form. He is best known for his work in the Amos & Andy series.

Freeman Gosden was born in Richmond, Virginia. During World War I he served in the United States Navy as a wireless operator, which prompted his great interest in the young medium of radio.

In 1921 Gosden first teamed up with Charles Correll to do radio work, presenting comedy acts, sketches, and hosting variety shows. Their first regular show came in 1925 with their WEBH Chicago show "Correll and Gosden, the Life of the Party". On this show the two told jokes, sang, and played music (Correll played piano and Gosden banjo).

In 1926 Gosden and Correll had a hit with their radio show Sam & Henry on Chicago radio station WGN. Sam & Henry is considered by some historians to have been the first situation comedy.

From 1928 to 1960 Gosden and Correll broadcast their Amos & Andy show, which was one of the most famous and popular shows on radio in the 1930s. Gosden voiced the characters "Amos", "The Kingfish", "Lightning", "Brother Crawford", and some dozen other characters.

Freeman Gosden died in Los Angeles, California.