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Freefall and free fall are terms used to describe the trajectory of an object without propulsion and not experiencing air friction, e.g. a satellite in orbit around a gravitational source, such as the Moon's trajectory around the planet Earth, or the Earth's orbit around the Sun.

See also Weightlessness.

More generally, the condition "not experiencing air friction" is dropped: in parachuting, freefall (skydiving) refers to the act of falling and delaying the opening of a parachute.

See also Freeflying

Freefall is also the title of a popular Web-based comic strip written and drawn by Mark Stanley. It is a humorous science fiction story cataloguing the misadventures of the starship Savage Chicken and its crew: Sam, a lovable two-timing con artist; Helix, a childlike robot; and Florence, a genetically engineered "Bowman's Wolf" (DOGGY!).

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