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Frederick Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts of Kandahar

Frederick Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts of Kandahar 1832-1914, better known as Lord Roberts or simply 'Bobs' was a British soldier.

Bobs served the British Empire from enlistment in the Bengal Artillery in 1851, to 1904 when he retired due to ill health, regarded as a model of a great soldier, he commanded in numerous colonial campaigns.

Highlights of his career included the capture of Kandahar, being appointed Field Marshal in 1895, being apointed in charge of British troops in South Africa 1900 where he replaced the ineffective Bullers, (Bobs only son died under Bullers command.) until his own removal, and replacement by Horatio Kitchener, due to illness later that year, and being apointed Commander in Chief of the British Army, 1901-1904

He died on 14th November, 1914 after catching a chill visiting the troops at Saint-Omer France.

His death was much mourned in the United Kingdom, particularly by Rudyard Kipling who wrote a touching eulogy in the form of a biography, and amongst the Indian troops with whom he had served for 41 years.