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Frederick II of Denmark and Norway

Frederick II (July 1, 1534 - April 4, 1588), King of Denmark and Norway from 1559 until his death.

He was the son of King Christian III of Denmark and Norway and Dorothea of Sachsen-Lauenburg.

He was married to Sophia of Mecklenburg-Güstrow. They had 5 children.

He rebuilt Kronborg castle in Elsinore between 1574 and 1585. In 1576 he founded Fredrikstad in Norway. This was a period of affluence and growth in Danish history. Frederick was also a major patron of the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe

On April 4, 1588 he died and was succeeded by his eldest son Christian IV. His daughter Anne of Denmark married King James I of England.

Preceded by:
Christian III
List of Danish monarchs Succeeded by:
Christian IV