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Freddy Adu

Freddy Adu (born June 2, 1989) is a Ghanaian native who became famous when he was signed by the D.C. United MLS soccer team on November 18, 2003. Adu left Ghana with his family in 1997, and is now a resident of Potomac, Maryland in the United States. He trains in Bradenton, Florida.

Adu was sought after by some important European teams, including Manchester United. Because of the rules in Britain that players can not join English Premier League teams until they turn eighteen, he and his agent opted for a contract in the United States.

If Adu plays at all during the 2004 MLS season, he will become the youngest professional player in major league sports history since fourteen year old Fred Chapman played Major League Baseball in Philadelphia in 1887. Adu learned to kick a ball at the age of two; soon after he was hitting rocks and refreshment bottles barefooted. He is an admirer of Argentina's Diego Maradona.

U.S. men's soccer coach Bruce Arena has assessed Adu's soccer skills. "He's a very graceful athlete," said Arena. "His first touch and his vision are outstanding for a player of his age."