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Frank Wilczek

Frank Wilczek was born in New York, May 15, 1951.

He received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at the University of Chicago in 1970, a Master of Arts in Mathematics at Princeton University, 1972, and a Ph.D. in Physics at Princeton University in 1974. Frank Wilczek is a Professor of Physics at MIT. He worked at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton and the Santa Barbara Research Institute.

He is a U.S. Citizen. He married Elizabeth J. Devine on July 3, 1973. They have two children (Amity and Mira).

Wilczek has helped develop axions, anyons, asymptotic freedoms, and other aspects of quantum chromodynamics. Asymptotic freedoms is a part of the standard model. At the age of 21, at Princeton as a graduate student, he help defined the properties of gluons with David Gross.

He has researched condensed matter, astrophysics, and particle physics.

He is researching:

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Quark Description of Hadronic Phases [PDF]
Continuity of Quark and Hadron Matter [PDF]
High Density Quark Matter and the Renormalization Group in QCD with Two and Three Flavors [PDF]
Color-Flavor Locking and Chiral Symmetry Breaking in High Density QCD [PDF]
Fermion Masses, Neutrino Oscillations, and Proton Decay in the Light of SuperKamiokande [PDF]
Quantum Field Theory [PDF]
Riemann-Einstein Structure from Volume and Gauge Symmetry [PDF]
A Chern-Simons Effective Field Theory for the Pfaffian Quantum Hall State [PDF]



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