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Frank J. Tipler

Frank J. Tipler is a professor of mathematical physics at Tulane University, New Orleans, physicist, theologian and cornucopian philosopher.

In his controversial book The physics of Immortality he claimes to prove the existence of life after death, provided by an artificial intelligence he calles the "Omega Point" and identifies with God. The line of argument is that scientific progress and the evolution of intelligent population of the Universe is bound to grow exponentially and get ever better control over even largest-scale structures of the Universe, ending in one nearly all-powerfull artificial intelligence whose computing speed increases faster than the Universe collapses, thus providing infinite "virtual time" which will be used to resurrect everybody who ever lived by simulating him/her/it in a virtual reality.

Tipler claims to have derived form general principles that this is bound to happen. However, the large majority of his collegues in physics consideres his logic to be flawed and hence does not take his theory serious.


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