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Francois Couperin

Francois Couperin (November 10, 1668 - September 12, 1733) was a French composer.

Couperin was taught by his father and 1865 became organist at Saint Gervais, Paris, a post he held until his death. He became the "organiste du Roi" (Louis XIV of France) in 1693 who then made him an Ordinaire of his Court for all music "du Chambre" in 1717.

He also wrote a large number of organ works, all of which demonstrate his mastery as a keyboard virtuoso. His four volumes of harpsichord music contain over 230 individual pieces, which can be solo harpsichord or performed as small chamber works: these greatly influenced J.S. Bach and then much later Richard Strauss and Maurice Ravel, re;"Le tombeau de Couperin."