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Fox Trot

Fox Trot is a daily comic strip by cartoonist Bill Amend. It began syndication on April 10, 1988. It is centered around the misadventures of the Fox family.

The characters in the family include:

Some recurring characters who are not part of the Fox nuclear family:

Charactors who used to be in the strip, but are no longer:

From June 16 to August 16, 1997, Bill Amend did a series of comic strips where Jason atended Lake Bohrmore Science Camp. Jason, Marcus and Eileen all atended this summer camp, and it was the first appearance of Pheobe and Eugene. Morton Goldthwait was Jason's counselor, although he didn't find out until the end of the Jason's stay at camp that he was Paige's brother. For this period of time, only the above mentioned characters appeared in the strip, and Peter, Paige, Roger and the others only appeared at the begaining and end. After, the end of this series, the strip returned to normal. These comics can be found in Welcome to Jasorasic Park and Camp Foxtrot. In 2000, Pheobe and Eugene briefly appeared in the strip again.

Since Amend was a physics major in college, and is somewhat of a nerd, Fox Trot often includes mathematical formulas. The mathematical formulas that not-infrequently appear in Fox Trot are correct, if a bit oddly flavored. They are the sort of thing that would be written only as exercises simultaneously covering basic skills in calculus, algebra, trigonometry, and arithmetic in one short line, but not really having a clear central purpose the way elementary mathematical exercises generally do.

If one observes closely, they will notice that in any scene where a character is reading a newspaper, there are headlines that say things such as, "Cartoonist Delivers Triplets in Elevator" or "Cartoonist to direct Jurassic Park II." Also, in scenes with large crowds, Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes, can often be seen in the background.

It is syndicated by United Press Syndicate.

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List of Fox Trot Books



The anthologies are made up of the previous two books, with color Sunday strips (as opposed to black and white in the smaller books) up until and subsequently including Assembled with Care which was made up of the three previous books.

[1] Eileen didn't appear in the comic until 1995, but we can assume that she was there all along, even if she didn't appear.

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