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Fountain of Neptune

In the Unita' d'Italia square in the city of Florence is the Fountain of Neptune, where the statue had been placed until 1934 in the so called area of the "palazzata" near the old fish-pond. The work by Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli 1557 had suffered a great deal of damage during the Bourbon bombardments of 1848 and has been the object of restorations and substitutions; it no longer has the original step base and is erected on a large octagonal basin; the pedestal in the middle is decorated with the mythical chained figures of Scylla and Charybdis; on the top the figure of Neptune and of Scylla with his trident in the posture of placating the sea. The statues of Neptune are copies made in the nineteenth century while the original ones are in the National Museum created in 1914.

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