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Forest Raven

Scientific classification
Binomial name
Corvus tasmanicus
The Forest Raven (Corvus tasmanicus) is a large Australian species that inhabits the island state of Tasmania. It has a proportionately larger bill than the mainland species and also a slightly shorter tail and is the sole representative of the genus Corvus in Tasmania.

An outlying population exists in a small area in the tablelands of northeastern New South Wales. The suggestion that this form be given specific rank and be known as the Relict Raven (Corvus boreus) appears not to have gathered favour, and the Relict Raven remains classified as a subspecies, C. tasmanicus boreus.

There is a scientific study at present concerned with the Forest Raven (C. tasmanicus) and the Little Raven (C. mellori) on the mainland.

Range: It inhabits a wide range of habitat within Tasmania such a woods, open interrupted forest, mountains, coastal areas, farmland and town and city fringes.

Food: A typical omnivore taking a very wide range of foods such as insects, carrion, fruit, grain and worms.

Nest: A stick nest, very similar to the mainland Australian raven and like it, built always high up in tall trees.

Voice: A deep korr-korr-korr-korr with a similarly drawn out last note to the Australian Raven.

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