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Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo, launched in 1993, was billed as Ford's 'world car', and was also sold in North America as the Ford Contour and Mercury Mystique. The current model was launched in 2000.

It was elected Car of the Year in 1994.

It is produced at Ford's European plants in Germany and Belgium, as a sedan (saloon), hatchback or wagon (estate). It replaced the Ford Sierra in Europe, and the Ford Telstar in Asia and other markets, while Contour and Mystique replaced the Ford Tempo and Mercury Topaz in North America. Unlike the Sierra, the Mondeo is front wheel drive.

In Europe, the Mondeo is considered large, but in other markets such as the US and Australia it has not travelled well, as there are larger models that have stronger brand loyalty and offer better value for money. In response to Ford's clam that it was a 'world car', Ford dealers retorted 'What world was it designed for?' The Contour and Mystique proved unpopular with US buyers, who preferred the larger local model, the Taurus, and was dropped in 2000. The Mondeo also fared badly in Australia, where, similarly, there was a much larger local model, the Falcon, and was dropped. Ford Australia has withdrawn completely from the medium-sized segment of the Australian market, arguing that it is in decline. By contrast the Mondeo was retained by Ford New Zealand, which had more success with the current model.

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Ford Sierra
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(still in production)