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Food and cooking hygiene

The preparation of food involves potentially severe health hazards if basic hygiene routines are ignored. Food can transmit disease from person to person as well as serve as a growth medium for bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

The following are fundamental requirements:

  1. Wear clean clothes and protective apron.
  2. Wash hands with warm soapy water.
  3. Restrain hair with a kerchief, elastic bands or hairnet.
  4. Keep the temperature of hot food above 140F/60C and keep the temperature of cold food below 40F/4C. Food should not sit at intermediary temperatures (defined as 40-140F/4C-60C) for more than 2 hours.
  5. Use an instant-read thermometer to measure the internal temperature of cooked meats.
  6. Keep raw meat apart from cooked meat, and wash the cutting board and knife before reusing.
  7. Wash meat, fruit, and vegetables thoroughly before use.