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Fontevraud Abbey

The Fontevraud Abbey (or Fontevrault Abbey) is located near Chinon, in Anjou, France. It was constructed between 1110 and 1119 and founded by Robert d'Abrissel who had just created a new order.

The abbey contains the tombs of Eleanor of Aquitaine, her husband King Henry II of England, their son King Richard I of England, their daughter Joan, and Isabella of AngoulÍme, wife of their son King John.

The monastery became quite successful, attracting many rich and noble abbesses over the years. The Plantagenets were large benefactors of the Abbey and King Henri IIís sister Mathilde was Abbess at Fontevraud. During the French revolution, the order was dissolved; the Abbey later became a prison and was given to the French Ministry of Culture in 1963.

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