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In human anatomy, a fontanelle is one of two "soft spots" on a newborn human's skull.

The skull of a newborn consists of five main bones: two frontal bones, two parietal bones, and one occipital bone. These are joined by fibrous "sutures" which allow movement that facilitates childbirth and brain growth.

At birth, there is a small posterior fontanelle, an open area covered by a tough membrane, where the two parietal bones adjoin the occipital bone. This fontanelle usually closes during the first several months of an infant's life.

There is also a much larger, diamond-shaped anterior fontanelle, where the two frontal and two parietal bones are adjacent. This fontanelle remains open until about two years of age.

Fontanelle is a grunge album by Riot Grrl band Babes in Toyland, released on August 11, 1992 (see 1992 in music). Babes in Toyland was one of the pioneerings in Riot Grrrl punk, which fused hardcore music with fierce feminist lyrics and a defiant, anti-authoritarian image.

Track listing

  1. Bruise Violet (Babes In Toyland) - 2:52
  2. Right Now (Babes In Toyland) - 2:19
  3. Bluebell (Babes In Toyland) - 2:22
  4. Handsome and Gretel (Babes In Toyland) - 1:50
  5. Blood (Babes In Toyland) - 2:44
  6. Magick Flute (Babes In Toyland) - 3:02
  7. Won't Tell (Babes In Toyland) - 2:27
  8. Quiet Room (Babes In Toyland) - 2:59
  9. Spun (Babes In Toyland) - 3:03
  10. - :41
  11. Jungle Train (Babes In Toyland) - 2:15
  12. Pearl (Babes In Toyland) - 1:56
  13. Real Eyes (Babes In Toyland) - 2:51
  14. Mother (Babes in Toyland) - 3:13
  15. Gone (Babes In Toyland) - 2:28