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Flight instruments

Most aircraft are equipped with a standard set of flight instruments which give the pilot information about the aircraft's attitude, speed and height.

; Basic flight instruments : A set of six instruments which most aircraft have.

; Altimeter : Gives the aircraft's height (usually in feet) above some reference level (often sea-level)

; Artificial Horizon or Attitude Indicator :Shows the aircraft's attitude relative to the horizon. From this the pilot can tell whether the wings are level and whether the aircraft nose is pointing above or below the horizon.

; Airspeed indicator : Shows the aircraft's speed (usually in knots) relative to the surrounding air.

; Compass : Shows the aircraft's heading relative to magnetic north.

; Direction indicator (also known as Gyrocompass) : Shows the aircraft's heading.

; Turn & bank Indicator or Turn coordinator : Tells if the aircraft is turning and whether it is "in balance" ie, not sideslipping.

; Vertical speed indicator : Shows whether the aircraft is climbing or descending relative to the surrounding air.