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FlashBake is a high tech cooking technology invented in 1993. A company (Quadlux, Inc. from Fremont, CA, USA) made an oven that cooks with intense infrared and visible light radiation. It can cook like a regular oven with speed close to a microwave oven. The new oven is not popular due to its high price.

FlashBake is a registered trademark. This patented technology was licensed to various restaurant equipment suppliers, such as Wolf Stoves and Vulcan-Hart. It was also licensed to home appliance manufacturer GE in their Advantium line of ovens. Bosch & Siemens in Europe was among the licensees also. Amana developed their own WAVE ovens after failure to license the technology from Quadlux. Amana later lost in a law suit with Quadlux regarding this dispute.

Despite the technology is still in use in some high end products, it is unsure if Quadlux, Inc is still in business because its website is no longer online. (as of 2003)

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