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Flag football

Flag football is a version of American football that is popular across the United States. The game's rules are very similar to those of the professional game, but with the exception that instead of tackling players to the floor, the team on the defensive must grab a flag from the player that has the ball and take it off in order for play to stop. Each player must carry two flags (three in some leagues), one on each side of the waist (or, if three, a third hanging from the back), so that stops may be made by defensive players.

The flag itself could be anything from large ribbons to small banners, to be placed on the aforementioned body area.

Flag football was designed to avoid the injuries that playing normal football could bring. However, injuries can occur, as the game usually involves much running, trying to catch aerial passes and staunch defense.

In North America, thousands of teenagers and adults play this game.

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