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Final Fight

Final Fight is a classic game trilogy from Capcom. It is Street Fighter's cousin. It involves the mayor of Metro City, named Mike Haggar. Haggar was a former street fighter and a newly elected mayor.

Table of contents
1 Final Fight 1
2 Final Fight 2
3 Final Fight 3
4 Abbreviation Confusion

Final Fight 1

The first installment was originally an Arcade game in 1989. The Super NES version was heavily cursed. What was dummied out of the Super NES version were the fourth level (Rolento's stage), the two-player mode, one playable character (Guy), and many occurrences of the containers and items. Also, the difficulty was toned down for the Super NES version. Audio quality was the Super NES version's only strong point. However, the Gameboy Advance version, released in 2002, is an enhanced clone of the Super NES version. It includes Rolento's stage and a two-player mode. The Sega CD version is based on the coin-operated version.

The story of Final Fight One involves the abduction of Mike Haggar's daughter, Jessica, reported on a TV screen at Haggar's office. Jessica was kidnapped by the first boss of the game and taken before the last boss, Belger. The voice of the first boss was heard on the TV screen. So Haggar called upon Jessica's boyfriend, Cody, and his friend Guy. According to the storyline, it was Cody who finished off Belger. Shortly after Final Fight One, Metro City slowly returned to normal. Cody and Jessica went on vacation together. Guy returned to his regularly scheduled training. Mike Haggar returned home and continued to rule Metro City as mayor.

Final Fight 2

Released in 1993, Final Fight Two and Three are Super NES exclusive. Final Fight Two happens four years after Final Fight One. It involves the abduction of Guy's fiancée Rena and her father Genryusai, and the Mad Gear gang regrouping secretly. Rena's sister Maki reported the distress call to Mike Haggar asking for help. Mike Haggar responded and helped her. Carlos showed up to him and joined him and Maki in the final fight for the lives of Genryusai and Rena, who were taken before Retu. The story takes place in Hong Kong, France, Holland, England, Italy, and Japan. Capcom has no plans to port Final Fight 2 or 3 to Gameboy Advance.

Final Fight 3

Released in 1995, Final Fight Three begins after the destruction of the Mad Gear Gang, with the Skull Cross Gang taking its place. The Skull Cross Gang attempted to conquer Metro City. Mike Haggar received a distress call from his old friend Guy. Then Lucia and Dean came into the scene. Dean knew most about the evidence and lead the other playable characters to the situation. He refused to join the Skull Cross Gang. As punishment, the Skull Cross Gang killed his relatives. Dean was the one who finised off the last boss, Black, as the sun rises. Then Metro City went to eternal peace as the sunny day comes. There has been no plans for a fourth game.

Abbreviation Confusion

Final Fight may be confused with Square Enix's popular Final Fantasy franchise if the name is abbreviated FF. An "i" should be added after "FF" for "Final Fight" in order to prevent confusion with Final Fantasy. Therefore, Final Fight is abbreviated "FFi" or "FFight", not "FF" which stands for "Final Fantasy." On a side note, Cody also starred in Street Fighter Alpha 3. In the SPC archives Final Fight is abbreviated "FFight." Since Final Fantasy is much more popular than Final Fight, those who attempt to type "Final Fight" may mistakenly type "Final Fantasy."