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Fiestas Patrias

The fiestas patrias are the Mexican national holidays that originated in the 19th century.

In chronological holiday order:

Contrary to popular wisdom in the United States, Cinco de mayo is not considered the most important national holiday in Mexico. That distinction is reserved for Dieciséis de septiembre, which is celebrated from the eve of September 15 with a re-creation of the Grito de Dolores at all executive government branch offices' courts (from the President down to the municipal governments) and lasts through the night. In contrast, Cinco de mayo is observed as a notable date, but it is not considered more or less important than the other holidays excepting Dieciséis de septiembre.

In Chile, the name fiestas patrias is reserved for the holidays of September 18 (dieciocho de septiembre, or simply el dieciocho), Independence day and September 19 , Glories of the Army.