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Fictional portrayals of Jesus Christ

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Various authors and filmmakers have created fictional portrayals of Jesus Christ and his life.

A number of storytellers have wanted to portray an accurate depiction of what his life is believed to have been like, while others have used the persona of Jesus Christ as a narrative device to make a literary point and develop a story's theme. Because of the devotion of many people to the idea of Jesus Christ, fictional portrayals of Christ have been, almost without exception, fraught with controversy. Movie portrayals of Jesus have, in particular, attracted protests and criticism. Filmmakers and theater managers have even received death threats in the wake of some of the more controversial movies about Christ.

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1 Novels portraying Jesus Christ
2 Motion pictures based on Biblical accounts
3 Motion pictures depicting Jesus Christ

Novels portraying Jesus Christ

Motion pictures based on Biblical accounts

Motion pictures depicting Jesus Christ