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The Fender Musical Instrument Corporation is one of the most popular and widely recognised manufacturers of guitars, bass guitars and amplifiers in the world. The invention of the first mass-produced electric guitar, dubbed Telecaster (originally named Broadcaster, a name which was already registered by the Gretsch company for a line of drums), and the first electric bass guitar, the Precision Bass (or P-Bass) can be attributed to the Fender company. Leo Fender can also be credited with the invention of the Stratocaster (or Strat), an icon of modern rock music.

Fender is particularly important because of its role in bringing musical instruments to the masses. The company industrialized the manufacture of the electric guitar, using efficient production methods and relatively inexpensive materials. As a result, many young guitarists started their careers playing Fender guitars, and many legendary artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards, have retained them as their instruments of choice.

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