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Falco (musician)

Falco (February 19, 1957 - February 6, 1998) was the stage name of the classical music prodigy turned Austrian rock star, Johann Hölzel (also Hans Hölzel).

He was born in Vienna and studied at the Vienna Music Conservatory. Before becoming an international popstar, he was bass-player in the Austrian hard-rock band "drahdiwaberl". He was best known internationally for the song "Rock Me Amadeus" from his album Falco 3, which became a worldwide hit in 1986 and reached Number 1 on the US charts. Other well-known international hits include "Der Kommissar" from the 1982 album Einzelhaft and "Vienna Calling" from Falco 3. An English cover version of "Der Kommissar" by After the Fire became a Top 5 hit in the USA.

There are several Falco albums:

He died at 40 of severe head injuries received following his SUV's collision with a bus near the resort of Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic.

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