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Faisalabad is the third largest city in Pakistan. It has an estimated population of almost 2 million citizens. It is an important center for transport and production and is located in the Punjab province. Faisalabad is west of Lahore.


The city was founded by the British in 1895 by Sir James Lyall for whom it was originally named Lyallpur. Prior to the British making the area into an urban center, it largely consisted of various villages. However, the construction of various canals allowed the area to be irrigated. After the founding of the city, people were invited to the city with promises of land if they were to work it. This allowed the city to grow rapidly.

In 1977 the city was renamed Faisalabad in honor of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia who had been assassinated.


The city continues to grow, and is now connected through the newly built motorway to both Lahore and Rawalpindi. It is an important city for textiles and other industries. It is home to numerous colleges and universities such as the Agricultural University and Punjab Medical College. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was from the city as well.