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Fainting is a momentary loss of consciousness. The first symptoms a person will feel before fainting are dizziness and feeling hot. Moments later, the person's vision turns black and he or she will drop to the floor (or slump if seated in a chair). Recommended treatment is to allow the person to lie on the ground with his or her legs a little elevated. As the dizziness and the momentary blindness passes, the person may experience visual disturbances in the form of small bright dots. These will also pass within a few minutes.

Factors that influence fainting are taking in too little food and fluids, low blood pressure, physical exercise in excess of the energy reserve of the body, and lack of sleep. If fainting happens frequently, it is advisable to see a doctor about it.

Faint is also a song by the nu metal/rap metal band Linkin Park.

See also orthostatic hypotension.