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A Facilitator is someone who is skilled in helping a group of people move towards reaching a consensus on a topic without themselves taking any side of the argument.

The role has been likened to that of a midwife who works hard to assist in a process of creation but is not the producer of the end result.

The basic skills of a facilitator are about following good meeting practise of following an agreed agenda, timekeeping and keeping a clear record.

The higher skills are about watching the group, its individuals and their process and knowing the art of intervening in a way that adds to the group’s creativity rather than lowering it.

The qualities of respect for others and a watchful awareness of the many layers of reality in a human group are key to a successful facilitator.

The International Association of Facilitators was founded in 1993 to promote Facilitation as a profession.

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What a facilitator does


Roger Schwarz (Author); The Skilled Facilitator; Jossey-Bass ; ISBN: 0-7879-4723-7 (New & Revised July 2002)

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Other meanings of 'facilitator'

The term Facilitator is used in Psychotherapy where the role is more to help the group members become aware of the feelings they hold for one another.

The term Facilitator is also broadly used to describe any activity which “makes easy” the tasks of others.