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Ezh (capital Ʒ, lowercase ʒ) is a character in the IPA alphabet. Also called the Tailed Z, it is a voiced postalveolar fricative. (SAMPA: /Z/)

Ezh is used for the 's' sound in words like pleasure: ['plɛʒəɹ] (SAMPA: /"pleZ@r/)

In Unicode 1.0 the character was mistakenly unified with the quite different character Yogh, which was not added to Unicode until Unicode 4.0. Ezh as a letter does not appear in any written language, current or historical: Yogh was used in the old English alphabet.

Ezh must not be confused with Yogh (Ȝ/ȝ): Ezh resembles a 'Z' with a tail, while Yogh resembles a Arabic numeral 3 which is placed partially below the baseline.

Ezh is similar in appearance to the 'z' glyph as was used in the German Fraktur script, but it is a different character.