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Exeter City F.C.

Exeter City F.C. is an English football club, based in Exeter, who have played in the English Football League for most of its history, but now play in the Nationwide Conference.

Table of contents
1 Facts and records
2 History
3 Famous players and managers

Facts and records

City were founded in 1904 and moved to their current home, St James's Park (not to be confused with the home of Newcastle United), in 1906. They are nicknamed 'The Grecians' for reasons lost in the mists of time. City's home kit consists of red and white shirts, white shorts, and red and white socks. Their away kit is purple. City's record league victories are their 8-1 triumphs against Coventry City in 1926 and Aldershot in 1935 (the score was 0-0 against Aldershot at half-time!). In the FA Cup, they beat Aberdare Athletic 9-1 in 1927. City's record league defeat are the 9-0 defeats against Notts County in 1948 and Northampton Town in 1958.


In 1914, Exeter City were the opposition in Brazil's first international match (Brazil won 2-0). In 1920 they joined the Football League as a founder member of Division 3. In 1931, City reached the sixth round of the FA Cup, losing a replay 4-2 to Sunderland in front of their largest ever home gate. Fifty years later, City reached the sixth round again, but lost 2-0 to eventual winners Tottenham Hotspur. Earlier they had beaten Newcastle United 4-0, perhaps City's greatest ever result. City's only trophy was the Fourth Division Championship which they won in 1990. In 1995, City finished bottom of the league, but were spared relegation because Macclesfield Town, who would have replaced them, were deemed to have inadequate facilities. In 2003, however, City finished second bottom of the Football League and were relegated to the Nationwide Conference as a result.

Famous players and managers

Famous players who have played for Exeter City include Cliff Bastin, who went on to play for Arsenal F.C and England and goalkeeper Dick Pym, who went on to play for Bolton Wanderers F.C and England. Other club legends included prolific 1930s striker Fred Whitlow, Arnold Mitchell, who played 495 games for City, Tony Kellow, City's record goalscorer, and Darran Rowbotham in the 1980s and early 90s.

City's current manager is Eamonn Dolan. Past managers include the former England internationals Gerry Francis, Terry Cooper and Alan Ball.

City were in the news during the 2002-03 season when Uri Geller became Honrary Co-Chairman, appointing Michael Jackson and Star Wars actor David Prowse as Honorary Directors. However, since then the running of the club has been taken over by a supporters' trust.