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Executive Council of Hong Kong

The Executive Council (ExCo) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China is an organ in the Executive branch of the political structure of Hong Kong. It is responsible for assisting the Chief Executive in policy-making. (Article 54 of the Basic Law). In other words it is the cabinet of the Chief Executive.

The Executive Council normally meets once a week. The Executive Council is consulted before the Chief Executive makes important policy decisions or introduces bills to the Legislative Council.

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The members of ExCo are appointed by the Chief Executive from among principal officials, members of Legislative Council, and public figures. The appointment and removal is decided by the Chief Executive. There is no fixed term of office, but the term of office of members shall not extend beyond the expiry of that of the Chief Executive who appoints them. (Article 55 of the Basic Law)

The Council is presided over by the Chief Executive. There are currently 14 ex-officio members and 5 non-official members in the Executive Council.

Members include


The Executive Council meets in the Main Wing of the Central Government Offices in Central.

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