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Evolutionary Creationism

Evolutionary creationism or theistic evolution is a synthesis of the religious belief in a creator God with the scientific theory of evolution. It holds that these two beliefs are not incompatible, but rather complement each other.

Theistic evolution is at one end of the spectrum of creationist viewpoints, and differs from Old Earth Creationism in its acceptance of both microevolution and macroevolution. It differs from materialistic evolutionism in its belief in a God or gods.

Theistic evolution is the position promoted by most major Christian churches, some Judaism denominations and other religious organizations that don't subscribe to a literalist position with regards to their scriptures.


In one variant of theistic evolution, the creator is seen as having set in motion a universe in which evolution occurred. God designed the system and the laws, and does not interfere except in some important miracles. Theologically, this is similar to Deism.

Other variants

Another perspective is that God controls quantum events, in a way which appears random to us, so as to control the world without violating natural laws.

Alternatively, God may intervene in the creation of souls, in an afterlife, or in other ways that are outside of the remit of science.